David Robinson has toured his award-winning songs across Australia and around the world. From festival stages in the UK and Asia to those closer to home, at events such as the Laura, Melrose and Semaphore music festivals, David’s troubadour spirit consistently entertains. He’s performed on Australia’s great trans-continental trains, in Glasgow’s oldest pub, and at a Mongolian orphanage. He’s shared beers with Joe Strummer and talked pop & politics with Billy Bragg. His 2018 album Inner Groove was lauded by reviewers and listeners alike. Armed with acoustic guitar, harmonica and expressive voice, David’s loosely-termed ‘folk-pop’ happily wanders through blues, country and punk territories.

Inspired by a love of The Beatles, David first picked up a guitar sometime towards the tail-end of the last century. He has entertained audiences as a member of popular bands and, in more recent years, as a solo performer. He has supported internationally renowned acts such as German-based Ronnie Taheny and Irish singer-songwriter Andy White. David has also appeared as an actor and musician in five Adelaide Fringe Festivals and performed at the official Bicentennial celebrations in 1988.

In 2013 David was a joint winner of the SCALA Festival of Original Music live section with his song Is There Something Wrong With Me? He was also the winner of the 'Working Life' section of the 1997 SCALA Songwriters Event with his composition Monday Bloody Monday.

“David Robinson is a storyteller – Dylan meets Oasis...” Brett Monten, The Adelaide Show podcast

David's performance pedigree is undeniable. His solo shows at Adelaide venues such as The Gov, Grace Emily and Wheatsheaf are both impressive and memorable. As well as having performed in five Australian states and territories, David has played solo and band shows in the UK, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Mongolia. He has appeared on more than 30 album/EP releases and has enjoyed airplay across Australia and beyond.

Combining wit and wordplay with a healthy mix of social and political engagement, David's songs provide plenty to think about. The lyrical depth is matched by strong melodies and memorable choruses; the songs will stay in the mind of the listener. David presents his passionate and entertaining original songs to enthusiastic audiences whenever he hears the call.

"David Robinson is an emotive songwriter, writing compact and personal lyrics, capturing the essence of his world. The music makes you want to dance, but has an edge that draws you to the words." Richard H Fox, WCUW FM, Worcester, Massachusetts

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