A Guided Tour

16 December 2010: SCALA 'A Guided Tour' (SCALA012)

Track 18 'Just Like You'

Written by David Robinson. Performed by David Robinson. 3.41

CD liner notes:
David Robinson writes, performs and records his own songs. He has released two albums, and has also appeared on a dozen or so compilation CDs.
Occasionally categorising his sound as Britfolk, he can be found strumming his much loved and well used 12-string guitar at venues around town.
In the last couple of years David has rediscovered his passion for songwriting, and this in turn has rekindled his desire to record.
David's songs paint lyrical pictures that reflect many themes; in general his compositions wonder what it is really all about.

Recorded by Gabriel Agostino at Chapel Lane Studios 1/6/2009
Produced by Gabriel and David

David Robinson: vocals, guitar, harmonica, tambourine