SCALA Photographs & Memories

Photographs & Memories

July 2014: SCALA 'Photographs & Memories' (SCALA015)

Track 5 'Is There Something Wrong With Me?''

Written by David Robinson. Performed by David Robinson. 4.30

CD liner notes:
David Robinson‘s songs reflect his thoughts and feelings.
Whether they are straightforward stories or something a little more lyrically abstract, they generally tell tales of how he is affected by the world at large.
He writes about the things that move him. He is stirred by emotions, issues and events, by the good and the bad things that people do, and by the often apparent absurdity of the human condition.
He is hopeful that some of his songs might influence the way others think and act.
Over the course of the last two years David has been fortunate enough to play over 200 shows.
He has performed in most Australian states and territories as well as in England, and has released an album with his duo, Yours Truly.

Is There Something Wrong With Me? was a joint-winner in the FOOM 2013 Live category and was recorded in November 2013 and April 2014.

Engineered and mixed by Rob Pippan at RPS
Produced by Rob Pippan and David Robinson

David Robinson – Vocals, guitar, piano, drums and percussion
Rob Pippan – Bass guitar