Piece of Paradise

25 July 2013: SCALA 'Piece of Paradise' (SCALA014)

Track 8 'Wish I Was You'

Written by David Robinson. Performed by David Robinson. 5.58

CD liner notes:
David Robinson offers a fresh, modern take on the music that has shaped his life, the result being something that comprises thoughtful innovation and a welcome familiarity.
He has been keeping himself busy - writing, recording and performing - throughout 2012.
David’s duo, Yours Truly, is on the verge of releasing an album, following on from 2011’s well-received Shining Light EP.
Successful performances in Adelaide and Sydney have strengthened David’s resolve to spend more time playing music, and less time thinking about the so-called real world.
Wish I Was You was recorded in the first half of 2012 and represents an exciting departure from the traditional David Robinson sound.

Engineered and mixed by Rob Pippan at RPS
Produced by Rob Pippan and David Robinson

David Robinson – Vocals and guitar
Rob Pippan – Lead guitar and bass
Rolan D’casio – Drums and percussion