5 November 1997: 'soursob' (BRMCD001)

mountainclimbing/ Heaven Today/ Where Did You Go?/ Filled With You/ I Need to Know/ Rare/ Falling Down/ You Don't Like That

Written by David Robinson. Performed by DogWater. Total running time: 28.08

"Adelaide singer-songwriter David Robinson has produced a fresh collection of seven original tracks for this CD, with plenty of passion and a nice, tight instrumental flow.
Very much a showcase of young writing talent which needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Check him out every Tuesday at the Cathedral Hotel in North Adelaide."

The Sunday Mail, 21 December 1997

"This CD comes from the pen of Dave Robinson as DogWater. It is easy to see where his influences lie.
Early Who, some early '79 mod revival and even flashes of the Weller influence. Very catchy and very melodic.
A very well produced album. This album has something for everyone, and you won't be disappointed with the quality of production and the end result.
Stick this in your CD player on a sunny afternoon, listen and enjoy."

Kelvin Madden, Modern Times magazine

"I would like to see soursob become a collector's item"
Garth Dutton, SCALA News, September/October 1998

"Better than average. Well worth a listen."
Helena Dutton, SCALA News, September/October 1998

"...Australian band DogWater echoes the sixties, harmonies and guitars striking a familiar chord while renewing the music, adding the impact and spirit of the nineties.
David Robinson is a emotive songwriter, writing compact and personal lyrics, capturing the essence of his world.
The music makes you want to dance, but has an edge that draws you to the words."

Richard H Fox, WCUW FM, Worcester MA

DogWater (30 Airplays): joint 3rd place in 1998 SCALA Radio Artist of the Year